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newsletter #36 for Monday, July 24th, 2023

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What’s up with Pharmac and Medsafe?
Pharmac is the Crown entity that decides which medicines and “related products” are funded by the NZ government. Medsafe is the NZ agency which approves access to new drugs. NZ is at the bottom of a list of 20 OECD countries for new drug approval. Pharmac’s “cost containment model” has been criticised as causing unnecessary suffering for patients needing life-saving drugs.
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Why is the question “What is a woman?” contentious?
The question “What is a woman?” suggests you think a trans woman is different from a biological woman. Asking the question does not mean you are anti-trans. But it suggests you believe biological women have some of their own rights, like to private spaces. The press refuses to run Family First NZ “What is a woman?” ads.
3 min read
Will co-governance be a much bigger issue than polls currently say?
Many don’t know what co-governance means. Opponents are called racist. Labour admits co-governance means superior rights based on race, but won’t budge on it. Why? Jack Tame says Labour is disingenuous to dismiss concerns and co-governance is worthy of debate. “They never sold it. They never explained it. They never even tried to.”
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NZ police behaviour at Let Women Speak event to be investigated
Independent Police Conduct Authority to review police inaction at this event, after complaints. Hecklers’ veto and violence targeted women’s rights activists. NZ media and politicians downplayed violence that occurred, labelling Let Women Speak event as hateful. Posie Parker is returning to NZ in September. The Free Speech Union expresses their support.
3 min read
Voice referendum in Australia is relevant to NZ
The Voice proposes altering the Aus constitution to create an indigenous advisory institution. Differs from NZ co-governance because: advisory body with no votes or veto power; it’s at the policy making level, not delivery of services. Up front approach with voters means it would be a lasting change, as opposed to NZ’s co-governance movement which had no mandate and can be changed arbitrarily.
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